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Charisma, scythe and all!
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IT'S :iconletter-rplz::iconletter-eplz::iconletter-dplz:, YO!

This pic of this awesome dude accompanies my orchestral arrangement of his MMX7 Battle Theme. :love:

:iconartworkplz::iconartwork2plz:Stamp - Good and Bad by stop-tracingFanart stamp by katthekat
ArtRage Users Stamp by OrbitalChillerDigital Art stamp by LumarisStamp thing yes by Silverwing94
More time... by prosaixWriters are Artists too by TheBloodskins:icontoolazy1::icontoolazy2:
By Me, for Me by savagebinn:iconirefusestamp1plz::iconirefusestamp2plz:My Excuse by secretgal1234
Traditional art + Digital art by RoliStamps:iconsaysomethingnice01::iconsaysomethingnice02::iconbepolite01::iconbepolite02:
artists comments stamp + plz by izka197All Art can be Creative Stamp by racingwolf:iconmistakes-proofstamp:
Without art stamp by FoggyPebbleI Like What I Like Stamp by racingwolfStamp: Judging Art by starfire-wolf
Long Descriptions by ZeroFangirl-MuNot A Compliment by Embrace-DiversityThanks by yumi-honamaru


Mostly MEGA MAN X and TRANSFORMERS faves here. :)
Basically, you'll see lots... and LOTS... of robots! :meow:
Ah well... :shrug:

My dA account is back to it's former, classic, default glory of being a non-premium member. I've actually missed this, but... the PM was pretty nice, with the fun little extras. ^v^ Though, looking back, out of all the "perks" available for a PM/Core M, I only used like 4 or 5 out of... what, 19 or 20 perks? :wow:

So maybe it's not a huge loss for me after all. And I can deal with the ads... Ads are a part of life. XD

I mean, lemme be REAL for a second here. Most sites require a paid membership only in order to even use a site, but dA welcomes all for free. :) So many features can still be used, without the need for a PM. 

R.I.P., Premium Membership. Not just because you're over now, but you're now called CORE Membership, which I guess makes sense. You were fun. Lots of fun. But now, back to a little more... simplicity. (。╯╰╯╰)〜♡

  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: cinematic action/fight music in my head
  • Reading: Edenworld Saga
  • Drinking: water

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ZeroFangirl-Mu's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Well, HALLO DEAH! I am ZeroFangirl-Mu, and I welcome you to my DeviantArt page! ^0^

I DO love to draw and I enjoy it when I do. I actually consider myself more of a music artist, but once in a while that urge to draw fan art comes forth... :)

I started drawing MEGA MAN X fan art in October 2010 and then became a dA member December 2011. And, as my username implies, I AM indeed a fangirl of Zero... BOTH Zero from Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero! Though I tend to fave MMX Zero a tad more, hehe. I'm also one of those rare fans of Red from MMX7. :3

And now I'm also obsessed with TRANSFORMERS!!!! :love: So I draw them too.

Thank you for stopping by, and I'm looking forward to talking ART with y'all! ^_^

Favorite Music Genres: Alternative Rock, Film Score/Orchestral, Metal, VideoGameOST, Techno, J-Rock, Classical, Eclectic, New Age, World, Klezmer, Funk

Favorite Color: red (Haha, you might be able to guess the reasons for this. X3)
Red! by Avis-Hope


WHY did I join DeviantArt?: To not only share my love of doing fan art, but also to comment on why I really ENJOY a piece of artwork that I really like. :heart:

DevaintArt Signature
"You told me once before, right? 'There are things that cannot be seen or analyzed correctly as data'... We have to feel... There are things that we can only feel..."
-----X in MMX5, remembering Zero's words.

Supports: :heart: Zero/X & Red/Axl :heart:

MegaMan X Series Fan Stamp by Coconut-rave

:iconkissingplz: Mumumumumumumu...! Zero fan stamp by XX-Midnight
:iconbeautifulheartplz: :iconletter-zplz::iconletter-eplz::iconletter-rplz::iconletter-oplz: DA Stamp - Zero by virago-rs
:iconloudzeroplz: :iconseriouszeroplz: :iconzeroxplz: :iconfangirlstampplz: :iconomgzeroplz: :iconsufferingzeroplz: :iconhappyzeroplz::iconmmzeroplz::iconrockmanzeroplzz::iconrockmanzeroplz::iconrockmanzeroplz2:Zero stamp by NeoMetalSonic

:iconalphabetars::iconletter-xplz::iconletter-lplz: :iconmecutelove: :iconhappyaxlplz: :iconaxlplz:Axl stamp. by RadioactivePopTartAxl Stamp by deppRed Stamp by ZeroFangirl-Mu
Red Fan Stamp by ZeroFangirl-MuMegaman - Axl Fan Stamp by AnimaMasterLilinaX-scar stamps by Akina-SA

:iconblue-xplz: :iconbigheartplz: :iconhappiexplz: :iconohyeahxplz::iconloudxplz:Megaman X stamp by Chalkluke4Megaman X stamp. by RadioactivePopTartGimme Yo Powahz by KurayamiTamashii

:iconiloveyoutooplz:X and Zero stamp by Super-Latte:iconilavplz:

Where the HECK in Transformers AM I? XD

Here's what I've seen and read of Transformers so far:

TV SHOWS :iconwheeljacklaplz:

Transformers Prime

-----DONE!!! (Watched Predacons Rising too!)

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) :la:
------Up to Episode 25 DONE WITH SEASON ONE!!! :)

Transformers Armada
------Up to Episode 48 "Cramp"

Transformers G1
Currently watching Season 3
------Up to Episode "Ghost in the Machine"

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Saw the original 1986 animated Transfomers movie recently! Found a good used copy of a DVD, 2-disc version!
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

COMIC BOOKS :icondriftplz:
Comic Books I've Read and Finished and Re-Read :happybounce:

------Transformers Drift :love:
------Spotlight Drift :heart:
------Last Stand of the Wreckers
------Megatron Origin
------Spotlight Revelation
------Transformers Autocracy :wow:
------Dark Cybertron Saga
------Transformers DRIFT: EMPIRE OF STONE :heart::la:

Comic Books I Currently Read :)
------MTMTE (up to issue #45)
------All Hail Megatron (up to Chapter 12!!)

Comic Books I WANT TO Read (like SO badly :eager: )
------Transformers Monstrosity
------Transformers Primacy
------Robots in Disguise (someday?)

Also I've been watching BRAVE POLICE J-DECKER!!!
Brave Police Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress
--------I've seen up to Episode 28 "Deckerd is Back"


Robot Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

:icongemini1plz::icongemini2plz: :iconolderlook1::iconolderlook2: :iconcasualgamerstamp:Calm Write Stamp by ZeroFangirl-Mu

Overactive Imagination by World-Hero21:iconxdstamp3::iconxdstamp4::icontalkcat1plz::icontalkcat2plz:
Cat Love Stamp by cloudratI Support Omnom by waterdancer :icondidstamp1plz::icondidstamp2plz:
Pit Bull Love Stamp by cloudratI love Staffordshire Bull Terriers by WishmasterAlchemistI love Brindle Dogs by WishmasterAlchemist

:iconpitbullplz: Pit Bulls are misunderstood! Please :heart: them and support them!

:iconsugarstampplz::iconnewbiestamp1plz::iconnewbiestamp2plz::icondonjudgeplz1::icondonjudgeplz2:I draw on bed by prosaixBug Lady by genkistamps
:iconclosedminds1plz::iconclosedminds2plz: :iconintrovertstampplz: :iconiamshy1plz::iconiamshy2plz: Worry So Much stamp by Mirz123:iconakwardstamp1plz::iconakwardstamp2plz:
:iconbeautifullyflawedplz::icondirtymindstamp1::icondirtymindstamp2:Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05Moon by NorthboundFoxGirly by black-cat16-stamps
I love what I love by AjvonkaA Kid Inside Stamp by Drake09YouTube by angelkittinUsername is final by tRiBaLmArKiNgSI Am Who I Am - Request by TheGreenDragonGirl
What I like... stamp by WellferineLove, don't hate by Magoo-ToraKnow Me Better Stamp by mylastelEvery Day by savagebinnLike Yourself _ Stamp by mylastel

I love my Twin - Stamp by MaddalinaMocanu :heart::heart: :iconsurreal-amethyst: :heart::heart:

:iconnaturestamp:I Love Nature 2 by Wearwolfaa:iconi-love-autumn-stamp::iconi-love-autumn2-stamp:
:iconrainstamp1plz::iconrainstamp2plz:I Love The Rain by WearwolfaaClouds by Purplecherry5CM: I Love Rainbows by bradleysays

Aang  Airbender Stamp by MistressOfDeceitAang Stamp by Seryia2011 Lion-O Stamp by MiharuWatanabe

I LOVE ANIME by ChiisanaHoshiI LOVE MANGA by ChiisanaHoshiKarakuridoji Ultimo Stamp by Pokemonfreak1Inuyasha Fan Stamp by Busirisssj goku stamp by Dbzbabe
Cell Stamp by Pascua-Tanya

I :iconbeautifulheartplz: Namekians!!! Dende and Nail - STAMP by NamekianKAI

:iconyugistamp1::iconyugistamp2:Celtic Guardian Love by Akemat-LynnRyou Stamp by JLMagianJack Atlas by MakarKimaYuusei Fudo Stamp by Bayleef-
Naruto Shippuden Stamp by Tainaka:iconnarutostamp1plz::iconnarutostamp2plz: :iconnaru1plz::iconnaru2plz:Sasuke Stamp 01 by aliac

Yu Yu Hakusho by Ren-StampsFAFNER Fan Stamp by ZeroFangirl-MuLelouch + Suzaku Stamp by SitarPlayerIX:Stamp: Chrno Crusade by ZillenioseChrno Crusade Fan Stamp by ElzamineStamp - Deadman Wonderland by SuxinnDeadman Wonderland: Crow stamp by IlzeProductions :heart::heart::heart:

:iconbigheartplz:Casshern Sins stamp by Chaotic--Edge

:iconbigheartplz::iconblue-mplz::iconblue-eplz::iconblue-lplz::iconblue-aplz::iconblue-nplz:Melan Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress:heart::iconmelanblueplz::heart:


TFP Optimus stamp by Imber-NoctisTFP Ratchet stamp by Imber-NoctisTFP Bumblebee stamp by Imber-NoctisTFP Wheeljack stamp by Imber-NoctisTFP Bulkhead stamp by Imber-Noctis
TFP Arcee Stamp by Aurora-StarletTFP Knockout stamp by Imber-NoctisTFP Breakdown stamp by Imber-NoctisTFP Starscream stamp by Imber-NoctisTF Girls stamp by Metallikato
For my COMPLETE (but growing) Collection of TFP stamps, go HERE!


:iconihappyloveitplz: :iconredheart-plz:
Armada Starscream by higher-flyerstarscream armada  face _ stamp (2) by TheDarkstarlduxdangry starscream aramda _ stamp (3) by TheDarkstarlduxdStarscream Armada - Smile Stamp by GlisteningEmeralds
Hot Shot Fan Stamp by LinarielArmada Wheeljack by higher-flyer


:iconkissingplz: :iconbeautifulheartplz:
Stamp: Drift by dryadicWing Stamp by SeekerNamiGasket Fan Stamp by ZeroFangirl-MuGasket Stamp 2 by ZeroFangirl-Mu


:iconredheart-plz: Megatron Origin Fan Stamp by Frenetic-Kinetic :iconredheart-plz:


:iconilavplz: :iconwuvplz:
MTMTE Drift stamp by Imber-NoctisMTMTE Rodimus stamp by Imber-NoctisMTMTE Cyclonus stamp by Imber-NoctisMTMTE Tailgate stamp by Imber-Noctis
MTMTE Skids stamp by Imber-NoctisMTMTE Rung stamp by cutecat54546Fort Max by BellstarTill All Are One by Bellstar


:iconnewlaplz: :iconbigheartplz:
Transformers G1 stamp by googlememanTransformers G1 80's stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixedIronhide G1 stamp by MetallikatoScream Love Stamp by sallychan
Thundercracker stamp by ToniPendragonSkywarp Stamp by 28CharactersLaterWheeljack Stamp 02 by JonathonDobbsMirage x Cliffjumper by higher-flyer


:iconsasunaru-stamp-plz::iconsasunaru-stamp-plz2:Partners in Crime Stamps by Plauge-NineSanzo x Goku Stamp by nechama7Wheeljack x Ratchet by Jonou
Ship and Let Ship by Suerte23Pairings are Opinions Stamp by Chocolate-ShinigamiCalm down about what you ship by TigerPawFang.Stamp. Shipping Opinion by KillMePleaseGod


:iconmusic1plz::iconmusic2plz:Stamp: Linkin Park II by go-aviAnime Music Fan Stamp by moonprincesslunaClassical Music Stamp by xrealisticxRock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2
Soundtracks by whensummerendsFilm Score Stamp by rushpointI love techno stamp by ewotionMusic was my first Love by Isaac-VolpeTchaikovsky Stamp by adrawer4ever
John Williams Stamp v2 by NebulanHans Zimmer Stamp by LadyCouslandJablonsky Fan Stamp by Ordona547
Composer STAMP by grace-noteMUSIC LIFE by fraggle37
GarageBand Stamp by bradesterCompose Stamp JUMBO by ZeroFangirl-MuMusic Completes Me: Stamp by BriBriBlitz

My Worth Stamp by Mirz123Please Everybody Stamp by Mirz123 You Don't Have to be... Stamp by mylastel Rain-Rainbow Stamp by Mirz123

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